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We offer a large line of polished river stones. They are available in a multitude of sizes and river stone colors. Engraved rocks make excellent personalized gifts for just about any occasion and are perfect for wedding favors, party favors, birthdays and more.

Natural unpolished river stones. Engrave them with Words, Phrases, Paragraphs, Animals or Designs.
These rocks are real, natural, and from the earth.
They have a wonderful feel and offer a great sense of comfort


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We can engrave any saying, slogan, name or idea you may have. We have a vast array of size, color and ideas.
If you need the perfect gift that will last forever here it is. Click here for more sayings and slogans or create your own. Call us today. We have great prices.

Diamond Crystal Paperweights

Click Pic to see Garden Rocks and Engraved River Stones.
Custom Engraved Rocks for your Home and Business can be engraved with any words, colors, logos, phrases and address.

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We do Engraved Stone Business Cards!
We put (1) What you do on one side of the engraved stone and (2) your web address and telephone # on the other side of the engraved stone. Engraved Stone Business Cards will never be torn in two pcs like a paper card nor will they be thrown away. Every individual that receives a engraved stone will always remember who they received the stone from, and the theme of the message. We will be happy to send you a free StoneWords business card for your evaluation if you contact us.

Large in-stock inventory, Same Day or Next Day shipping, No Minimums!!! Low Prices. We ship worldwide!
Wholesale pricing. 3 different stone types, many stone colors to choose from.
We drop ship for other internet stone companies and we ship to those you specify at no extra charge.
 Any size stone available. Double Side engraving our specialty!




Rock & Stone Engraving

YOUR ROCK STORE offers a large variety of custom engraved rock. Choose from highly polished semi precious stones, natural river stones or polished river stones. Custom engraved rocks and stones can be in script, all capitals, block or all lowercase letters. While the rocks are multi-colored, the lettering can be filled in with gold, black, or white.

Our pocket rocks are custom engraved and make unique wedding party gifts, bridal favors and are popular with any type of group that wants to send a message "engraved in stone", like churches, businesses or civic groups. Pick a word that has special to your church's congregation or to your wedding guests like "spirit," "truth," or "wisdom." You can also choose to engrave animal designs or symbols such as a peace sign on your pocket rock. You could even put a word on one side of the rock and a symbol, such as an angel or cross on the other side. Unlike our competitors, we will gladly engrave both sides of the rocks - at an affordable price!

We can engrave any word, thought, name, phrase or design that you want custom engraved just for you or a special someone in your life.  To order call us at 973-948-0085.



Beautiful Gemstone Necklaces only $7.95

Engraved Wedding Rocks
Word Rocks

Personalized custom engraving on real natural rocks and stones.
We can engraved words, names, phrases, logos and with colors also. See our complete index at left. Use your imagination and browse our site. There is nothing like the feel and impression of and engraved rock and stone.

From the “Rock of Ages” to any image or symbol we have it all. Very cool personal items or promotions for your church and organization.

The art of rock engraving has come a long way since the caveman days. It’s simply amazing the quality and detail of engraved stones. Your logo deserves engraving.

Do you know anybody who doesn’t have a Keychain. One of the best engraved promotions of all time.

These completely natural earth stones are called unpolished river stones. They are 100% natural and are engraved with encouragement. Many stock words to chose from or create your own.

Use your imagination because the possibilities are endless with engraved rocks. They are one of the most natural and unique items ever. Perfect for many occasions. Want to make a lasting impression?




Semi-Precious Gemstone Necklace
Continuous loop, no clasp, 18”
Free Shipping and only $19.95


Your Rock Store Advantages:

1)   StoneWords subjects are rocks, stones, pebbles and crystals. StoneWords verbs are engrave, engraved, engraving, carve, carved, letter, lettered and lettering. This is what we are about. We care about pleasing our customers so they will return.
2)   A human being will answer the telephone as often as possible. Telephone calls will be returned. Emails will be answered immediately.
Our attitude will be pleasant, helpful and considerate to all. The BEST PRICING will be obtained with a telephone call as opposed to utilizing a shopping cart.
3)   No Minimums! 1 or 100 or more.
4)   We are happy to forward samples for larger orders for your consideration.
5)   S&H is actual freight charge with no markup. Fed Ex Ground or US Mail is our normal mode based upon weight of order.
6)   Double Side Engraving is encouraged if desired. Pricing is reasonable.
7)   For service needed quickly, a very large inventory is carried that can be shipped the same or next day. There are 320 different words, 150 different Animal Images & Designs, 150 different phrases, 150 Boys Names and 150 Girls Names in stock for you to choose from. Listings are on our websites. Click on them.
8)   Customer may choose stone colors. We offer black, white, gray, pastel green, pastel peach, red/rust, yellow, tan, brown and many different shades of the above.
9)   Customer chooses a stone type from three different possibilities. (1) Semi-Precious Gemstones, (2) Polished River Stones, (3) Natural Unpolished River Stones.
10)   Customer chooses either block or script style lettering or else submits a font they would like.
11)   For unique custom designs or logos, simply send us a jpeg or other format including how many pieces you would like and we will immediately forward a quote back to you.
12)   StoneWords will drop-ship to your customers and apply your return address sticker to the package. This is a unique opportunity to make money selling engraved stones and engraved rocks without any investment using our large inventory of over 50,000 pieces. To participate in this endeavor simply register with us via email or telephone.
13)   If you can think of a way in which we can improve our service to you, please send us an email or call. Every suggestion will be considered.

YOUR ROCK STORE is the source for engraved rock and engraved stone for any event or promotion.
Engraved rocks and stones make lasting impressions. They are perfect for any unique occasion.  Call for personalized service.

We have engraved rocks for all your events.
Birthdays - Weddings - Anniversary - Conventions - Gifts - Garden - Sports - Kids - Family & Much More

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BILL -  973 - 948 - 0085


P.O. Box 571
Branchville, NJ 07826-0571


ORDERING: We accept orders by phone or email.  In this way we Guarantee Satisfaction.
For personalized service call or write now.

You may leave a message by phone or email and we will call you back asap.
Samples are available.

Phone Number is 973-948-0085


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