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YOUR ROCK STORE is the source for engraved rock and engraved stone for any event or promotion.
Engraved rocks and stones make lasting impressions. They are perfect for any unique occasion.  Call for personalized service.


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BILL -  973 - 948 - 0085
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ORDERING: We accept orders by phone or email.  In this way we Guarantee Satisfaction.
For personalized service call or write now.

You may leave a message by phone or email and we will call you back asap.
Samples are available.

Phone Number is 973-948-0085

Religious / Faith Engraved Rocks and Stones

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Our engraved faith rocks and stones hold tremendous personal value. Whatever your belief engraved rocks with religious and faith symbols provide a source of comfort and joy. Every time you hold one you are reminded and encouraged in your faith. You may think this sounds a little unreasonable but have faith. It actually works. Faith stones can be engraved with any image or words. Double sided engraving is also available. Engrave a symbol or one side and a word on the other. They make great gifts and are perfect for weddings and events.
At Your Rock Store we have a large inventory of engraved rocks available on short notice. Personalized engraving can take 2-4 weeks to receive so place your order as soon as possible. The fastest way is to call us. In order to provide this personalized service not all the pages on our site have a shopping cart. We do this to insure the accuracy of imprinting. Faith rocks are practical and from the earth. You will love them. Call today.

Faith engraved rocks and stones. Say it with faith!

WORDS :Belief, Believe*, Bible, Blessings, Celebrate, Enlightenment, Eternity, Faith*, Forgive, God, Grace, Hope*, Inspiration, Jehovah, Jesus, Joy*, Love*, Meditation, Noel, Patience, Peace*, Pray, Prayers, Rejoice, Remember, Salvation, Savior, Serenity, Soul, Spirit, Spiritual, Strength, Worship, WWJD.


PHRASES: Blessed Children, Christmas Blessings, God Bless America, God Bless Children, God Bless Our Home, God Bless this Garden, God Bless You, God Loves, Holy Ghost, Jesus Loves You, Joy To The World, Let's Pray, Merry Christmas, Prayer Words, Thank you Lord, 23rd Psalm.


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We have engraved rocks for all your events.
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