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YOUR ROCK STORE is the source for engraved rock and engraved stone for any event or promotion.
Engraved rocks and stones make lasting impressions. They are perfect for any unique occasion.  Call for personalized service.


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BILL -  973 - 948 - 0085
P.O. Box 571
Branchville, NJ 07826-0571


ORDERING: We accept orders by phone or email.  In this way we Guarantee Satisfaction.
For personalized service call or write now.

You may leave a message by phone or email and we will call you back asap.
Samples are available.

Phone Number is 973-948-0085


ONLY $9.95 PER PIECE plus S+H

Pocket Stones are available with Words, Animal Images and Designs.
Double side engraving available. Call for quote.

Pocket Stones Engraved

Pocket Stones

Your Rock Store offers a large variety of custom engraved pocket stones. Choose from highly polished semi precious stones, natural river stones or polished river stones. All of our custom engraved pocket stones come in pocket sizes that vary naturally between 1.0”  to 2.5”.
The engraving can be in script, all capitals, block or all lowercase letters. While the pocket stones are multi -colored, the lettering can be filled in with gold, black, or white.

Your Rock Store pocket stones are custom engraved and make unique wedding party gifts. You can also choose to engrave pocket stones with animal designs or symbols on your pocket stone. You could even put a word on one side of the pocket stone and a symbol, such as an angel or cross on the other side. We will gladly engrave both sides of the pocket stones - at an affordable price!

We can engrave any word, thought, name, phrase or design that you want engraved on your pocket stone for you or a special someone in your life. Our POCKET STONES are ACTUAL STONE and not glass or molded as some other quote pocket stone suppliers produce.

Engraved Pocket Stone
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We have engraved rocks for all your events.
Birthdays - Weddings - Anniversary - Conventions - Gifts - Garden - Sports - Kids - Family & Much More