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YOUR ROCK STORE is the source for engraved rock and engraved stone for any event or promotion.
Engraved rocks and stones make lasting impressions. They are perfect for any unique occasion.  Call for personalized service.


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BILL -  973 - 948 - 0085
P.O. Box 571
Branchville, NJ 07826-0571


ORDERING: We accept orders by phone or email.  In this way we Guarantee Satisfaction.
For personalized service call or write now.

You may leave a message by phone or email and we will call you back asap.
Samples are available.

Phone Number is 973-948-0085


Personalized Engraved Key Rings are the Perfect Promotions for any Business or personal event such as Weddings.

Engraved Keyring

Engraved Keyrings available with Words, Images, Logos.
$7.50 each. Custom orders available. Call for information

Engraved Designs Keyring

Globe Keyrings
Semi Precious Stone
$11.90 each plus S + H

Engraved Keyrings

Engraved Keyrings

Perfect for logo engraving - ask for custom engraving, or select from our standard offerings.


Personalized engraved stone key rings are one of the best promotions ever.

Almost everyone uses their key rings on a daily basis. What better why to keep your name or logo in someone’s thought than to have them see it every time they drive their car. On top of that these actual stone key rings are beautifully and carefully engraved. As you can see from the pics above we can do anything. Any color or image, word or phrase, they are simply beautiful.

Your Rock Store is the #1 source for quality, stone engraving and engraved rock products.

Give your mind a rest and order the best. Here is the perfect personalized promotion for your business or event such as gifts for engraved wedding favors. Engraving the date of an event or wedding creates a lasting keepsake. We have personalized service awaiting you. All you have to do is call or write us.
Yes we have a shopping cart but find that to do business right especially with engraved rocks and stones the best procedure is still the phone or email. This avoids errors and guarantees satisfaction.

At Your Rock Store it is not our policy to knock the competition. However for our clients sake we would like you to know that here at Your Rock Store you receive the real thing. That is our products are real rocks and stones beautifully engraved. Some other companies actually paint on their rocks or when you receive your order you will find plastic or fake rocks also. Not all the companies out there offer the real thing. We say this for your sake in the spirit of professional commerce.

We ARE the #1 source for engraved stones and rock items for any occasion. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks from Your Rock Store. The World’s Rock Store!

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We have engraved rocks for all your events.
Birthdays - Weddings - Anniversary - Conventions - Gifts - Garden - Sports - Kids - Family & Much More