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YOUR ROCK STORE is the source for engraved rock and engraved stone for any event or promotion.
Engraved rocks and stones make lasting impressions. They are perfect for any unique occasion.  Call for personalized service.


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BILL -  973 - 948 - 0085
P.O. Box 571
Branchville, NJ 07826-0571


ORDERING: We accept orders by phone or email.  In this way we Guarantee Satisfaction.
For personalized service call or write now.

You may leave a message by phone or email and we will call you back asap.
Samples are available.

Phone Number is 973-948-0085

Engraved Garden Stones

Engraved Garden Stone

Small Garden Stones
$60.00 each

Garden Stone

Large Garden Stone
$120.00 each

Engraved Garden Stone 2

Small Garden Stone
$60.00 each

Garden Stones
Engraved Garden Stone

Garden Stones  $60.00 each

Engraved Cross
Engraved Believe

River Stones  $40 each

Engraving Suggestions

Dad's Garden
Grandma's Garden
Grandpa's Garden,
I Love Gardening
Mom's Garden
Sacred Garden
Secret Garden.

Sizes Available

4” x 7”

8 x 10”

12’ x 14”

Custom Oversize
Stones Available

Garden Stones Personalized

For thousands of years, humans have etched messages into stone. Whether it's symbols or artwork depicting history, stone art remains a popular form of expression today. One favorite use of natural stones is to mark and decorate gardens. You can decorate your garden with your name, your family name, names of flowers or plants, or any other word or symbol you'd like. Choose from our standard phrases or we'll engrave your own personal idea into a stone.

Because stones will stand the test of time, so will any message you engrave into them. For example, a bride and groom might use stones as wedding favors with the date of their wedding on them. Or, you could use it to propose to somebody or as a birthday gift during a milestone birthday year.

Engraved Garden Stones make meaningful gifts. If you have a special request or a customized image you would like engraved onto a stone, please contact us. We will gladly give you a price quote for your specialized custom order. Celebrate your special occasion or give your customers a memento for visiting your city, state, casino, or hotel.


Dad's Garden - God Bless This Garden -  Grandma's Garden - Grandpa's Garden
Mom's Garden - I Love Gardening -  Sacred Garden - Secret Garden
Grow - Dragonfly - Butterfly - Flower - and other assorted various sayings.

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We have engraved rocks for all your events.
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